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What is the MyoSuit?

The Myosuit is a wearable robotic garment designed to help you do more. It’s an added layer of muscle that supports your movements, providing stability as you get up from a chair, go up and down a flight of stairs, or stand.

The Myosuit is tailored to people with mobility impairments, helping them to get more out of their functional rehabilitation training & therapy.

It is an innovative and efficient training solution for rehabilitation clinics and physiotherapy studios.

See the MyoSuit in action

Lorenz (incomplete SCI) and Michael (Bethlem Myopathy) wore the MyoSuit as they participated in this year’s teamrun at the Zurich marathon and Wings for Life Run. Walking longer distances is a big challenge in their daily lives.

Thanks to regular training sessions with the MyoSuit in the past few months, they were empowered to take on this challenge.

Click below to find out more about their personal stories and see how they prepared for the race!

Lorenz’ experience with the MyoSuit

Michael’s experience with the MyoSuit

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18th - 21st November, 2019
Düsseldorf, DE
29th - 30th November, 2019
Swiss Handicap
Luzern, CH

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