Myoswiss Discovery Program

Internships and student projects with real world impact

What is Myoswiss’ Discovery Program?

MyoSwiss’ Discovery Program is a great opportunity for students to get involved in creating cutting edge solutions and help us develop the next generation of products.

In the past, fellows of the program have worked on many interdisciplinary projects in the areas of: machine learning, control theory, biomechanics, patient studies, marketing and business development.

As a fellow, you will:

  • Embed in a department and be part of the day to day work of a vibrant startup.
  • Apply the results of your project on a real world product that will impact thousands of people.
  • Get the perfect mix between research and industry.


Currently we don’t have any internships available.

Student Projects

Are you planning to do your master thesis and looking for an interesting project? Check out our avaiable thesis projects and get in contact with us.

Analyse the use of the Myosuit for walking endurance from the
motor learning point of view.

Developing a software tool to classify if patients are suitable and can benefit from the use of the Myosuit.

Develop a predictive algorithm that will output a goal for the therapy.

Develop a first prototype of such a safety robot.

Develop a virtual model of the Myosuit.

Research and develop several setups that can provide active flexion support to the hip.