Support and Strength
For Your Muscles

The Myosuit helps you to be mobile again

MyoSwiss - Our Goals and Vision

Movement is quality of life.

At Myoswiss, we believe that our cutting-edge technology can help people with mobility impairments make the most of their untapped potential to be physically active.

Our flagship product, the Myosuit, supports users in being physically active and enhances the work of the healthcare professionals involved in their care.

What is the Myosuit?

Support & strength for weak legs

The Myosuit is an active orthosis that enables intensive training of strength, endurance, and balance activities in any setting. Whether at home or in a physiotherapy center, use the Myosuit today to get the most out of your training sessions.

The Myosuit works like an e-bike by supporting the movements initiated by the user. It is one of lightest and most affordable active orthosis that supports the hips and knees.

How can I use the Myosuit?

testen Myosuit Für Privatgebrauch

Myosuit for private use

Be active and increase mobility in your daily life!

The Myosuit supports your legs so that you can do more. Use it for leisure activities, to train at home, or together with your personal trainer or physiotherapist.

Myosuit Exoskelett der neuen Generation

Myosuit for healthcare professionals

Your assistant for gait training.

This new active orthosis helps you to get the most out of training with your patients. It is suitable for patients with different gait conditions.



Multiple Sclerosis & iSCI

“Training with Myosuit has increased my motivation! Seeing the progress and feeling active again is great and motivates me to continue. What excites me, in particular, is the additional muscle power that the Myosuit provides. It enabled me to train for longer and, above all, to train more intensively in a way that activates my muscles.””


Incomplete spinal cord injury

“With the Myosuit I feel less impaired and I can walk longer distances. The device allows me to train my body. I feel that I am strong again.”


Multiple Sclerosis

“Training with the Myosuit allows me to be on my feet for much longer. It makes training easier and helps me walk longer and with a more normal walking pattern. After training, I had lighter legs, some muscle soreness, and I could feel muscles that I didn’t know I had anymore. I could also reduce the medication I take to manage my spasticity.”



“The training is fun and gives me more security. It’s worth it. I always feel better after the training with the Myosuit. I experience that training has also a positive impact on my daily life. I find it now easier to sit on my recumbent bike and to climb stairs.”


Multiple Sclerosis

“The Myosuit shows me opportunities on how to improve myself. Training with the device is exhausting, but it gives me a great feeling of doing something good for me and my body.”


Spinal muscular atrophy

“Training with Myosuit is a lot of fun. I am now able to walk longer distances and am much more secure in my movements- especially when I have to climb stairs. Before training with the Myosuit I wasn’t able to climb stairs without someone helping. Now, it is possible again and that is awesome!”

Victor Urquizo

Physiotherapist and Head Therapy

“Myosuit offers great potential. The additional stability and strength that the Myosuit provides, gives me a free hand and enables patients to train “unused” muscles intensively and selectively.”

Prof. Robert Riener

Professor for Sensory-Motor Systems at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology at ETH in Zurich & founder of the Cybathlon

“The Myosuit is a very innovative approach to increase the intensity of movement therapy for people in neurorehabilitation. The device uses new robotic technology- initially developed in my laboratory- to enable patients with mobility impairments to train activities of daily life. Its simplicity and ease of use allow clinicians to use it as part of standard training while patients can perform many more repetitions.” 

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People with leg weakness can benefit from the Myosuit.

The Myosuit is available in Switzerland and Germany. Please contact us if you are located in another country.

In order to train with the Myosuit the following requirements must be met:

  • A base amount of muscle function to perform a few repetitions of the activities to be trained without support (using mobility aids like a walker or walking sticks is okay).
  • No recent trauma due to a fall or accident.
  • Physical and psychological means to perceive acoustic signals and control the orthoses.
  • Height at least 1.50m and maximum 1.95m
  • Weight maximum 110 kg