Quality of life through movement

At MyoSwiss we believe that movement brings quality of life. This is why we are developing solutions that empower people to do more through exercise and physical activity.

Training mit Myosuit auf Treppe


Training for muscle weakness and after an orthopedic surgery

Regular physical activity is crucial for good quality of life. However, in cases of muscle weakness such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, after a stroke, or in the case of an incomplete spinal cord injury, the necessary muscle strength and stability to train intensively is often lacking. In these cases, the goal-oriented and activity-based training concept “Myofit” provides the solution. It helps you do more and achieve your movement goals.

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An innovative training device

The Myosuit is a multi functional training device that enables an intensive and activity-based training. It works like an additional layer of muscles, providing strength and stability to the knees, hips, and ankles. The movements are carried out by the user and supported by the device. The Myosuit uses sensors to detect a persons’ movement and support them as needed – similar to an e-bike.

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BAlance Training mit Myosuit
Trainingsauswertung über Myosense


Goal-oriented training

A cloud-based service provides personalized training plans and automated tracking of the users’ performance.

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Users’ success stories

Lorenz (incomplete paraplegia) and Michael (Bethlem Myopathy) both suffer from muscle weakness. Thanks to intensive training preparations with the Myosuit, they were able to fulfil their long-awaited dream of participating in a run. Like an additional layer of muscles, the Myosuit provided them with support and stability in their legs during the training sessions prior to the event as well as the marathon in Zurich. Find out more about their training preparation and the marathon!

Lorenz and his experience with the Myosuit

Michael and his experience with the