About us

The team behind MyoSwiss

MyoSwiss is a medtech company with the goal to provide people with solutions that help them reach their full potential. We believe that movement is at the core of life – like the one gear that sets everything in motion and keeps the system running. Standing still is not an option – only those who keep moving can make progress. People should be able to live a life without limitations, have the opportunity to grow beyond themselves and get the best out of it.

We believe

That movement is at the core of life – it is the one gear that sets everything in motion and keeps the system running.

We want

To help people realize their true potential. Help them grow beyond their limits and motivate them to do more than they are currently doing.

We will

Develop solutions that combine the latest in technology and science to help people keep moving.

We are

Committed, passionate about what we are doing, eager to learn, fast-paced, reliable, responsible and always on the move.

We want to understand what it takes to keep moving, what the needs are and how we can serve and implement them. Like this we can offer the right solutions. We don`t stop learning and apply what we have learned. By not standing still, we ensure that our solutions continue to evolve. Always looking for the best solution, we use the latest knowledge from research, medicine and technology and combine it in a unique way in order to come up with solutions that are easy to use for everyone.

With the Myosuit we have reached the first milestone. It is our answer to everyone, that doesn`t have the privilege to move effortlessly. It combines robot and textile technology in a unique way to enable people with muscle weakness to perform intensive and activity-based training.

Our physiotherapists

Lisa Stocker


Alexandra Sandkaulen


Nathalie Zwickl


Our advisors

Prof. Robert Riener

Scientific advisor

Prof. Grégorie Courtine

Scientific advisor

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