Frequently asked questions

Who is the Myosuit suitable for?

People with unilateral or bilateral lower limb paresis, flaccid paralysis, or muscle weakness due to neurological and/or neuromuscular disorders, as well as individuals after undertaking an orthopedic surgery can benefit from the device.

I would like to work out with the Myosuit. Where can I try it out?

In case you are located in Germany or Switzerland and would like to try out the Myosuit you can fill out our contact from on: Trial session.

Free trial sessions are performed at our headquarters at Hardtrumstrasse 135 in Zürich.

I am interested in a product demo for my clinic or physiotherapy studio. To whom can I reach out to?

If you would like to experience the Myosuit or have questions on the training with the Myosuit, you can sign up for a free product presentation on our website at: Contact

In which countries is the Myosuit available?

The Myosuit is currently available in Switzerland and Germany. Please contact us, if you are interested in the Myosuit, but are based in another country.

Are there specific requirements in order to perform trainings with the Myosuit?

In order to train with the Myosuit or offer training sessions with it you need to be certified. In case you would like to get certified, please reach out to our team via email at or call us:

For Switzerland: +41 043 215 27 15
For Germany: +49 3494 65791 80

Which exercises can be performed with the training device?

The Myosuit is suitable for intensive and activity based training that contains strength-, endurance- and balance exercises.

What are the minimum physical requirements to be able to train with the Myosuit?

In order to train with the Myosuit the following requirements need to be met:

  • You need a certain amount of residual muscle function in order to be able to perform exercises without support (the use of additional mobility aids like a walker, walking sticks etc. are allowed)
  • You do not suffer from unstable cardiomyopathy
  • You have not recently had an accident or fell due to trauma
  • You are at least 1.50m and maximum 1.95m tall
  • You weigh maximum 110 kg

Can the Myosuit also be used outdoors?

Yes, the Myosuit can also be used outdoors however he needs to be protected from moisture.

Can the training progress be measured by the Myosuit?

A variety of metrics, like for e.g. number of steps can be tracked thanks to the integrated sensors in the Myosuit. The corresponding individual training reports, will be provided on a regular basis.

How heavy is the Myosuit?

The Myosuit is handy and lightweight with a total weight of about 5.5 kg.

Is the Myosuit available in different sizes?

The Myosuit is available in a one-size fits all. Thanks to its flexible straps, the suit can be quickly adjusted to different body sizes.

How long does the battery last?

Depending on the training intensity the battery lasts up to 4 hours before it needs to be recharged again.

Does the Myosuit need to be cleaned?

Surfaces of the Myosuit that are in contact with the body should be cleaned periodically using a dampened cloth with an alcohol-free disinfectant.

Where can I report if I encounter a problem with the Myosuit?

If the Myosuit doesn`t work properly or has led to an adverse event, please reach out to us via email oder call us:
Switzerland: +41 (0)43 215 27 15
Germany: +49 (0)3494 65791 80