Intensive training despite weak muscles

The Myosuit - a multifunctional training device for muscle weakness

The Myosuit is a training device that enables intensive and activity-based training as part of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. We call it an Exomuscle because it supports like an additional layer of muscle. It provides stability and support to the knees, hips, and ankles while enabling freedom of movement.

This additional layer of muscle allows users to move more during therapy; this can be crucial for the user’s progress. The Myosuit provides the user with support similar to an e-Bike. In this sense the Myosuit takes over a part of the physical support, which is often provided by the therapist in conventional therapy. This frees up the therapist, both physically and mentally, to focus on other areas of training. Thanks to the individually adjustable assistance levels for each leg, the therapy can be tailored to each user’s needs.

The Myosuit can be used with patients with leg weakness. It can be used for training in areas such as neurology, orthopedics, and geriatrics.

Advantages of using the Myosuit for training


Functional and activity-based training that includes strength, endurance, and balance exercises.

Intensive training

Intensive training that demands high performance and involvement from the user.

Maximal net training time

Increased net training time thanks to easy donning & doffing together with personalized user profiles.

Myosuit Abbildung

Lightweight and portable

Simple and lightweight design (approx. 5.5 kg) with a high level of wearing comfort. Training can be done both indoors and outdoors.

Intuitive handling

Easy and intuitive handling thanks to storable patient settings and pre-defined training modes.

Increased patient motivation

Increased motivation during training thanks to the possibility to move freely with unrestricted walking speed.

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Find out what therapists and scientists say about the Myosuit

The Myosuit offers great potential. The additional muscle layer offers me a free hand and enables the patient to train the 'unused' muscles intensively and selectively and thus to use the unused potential.

Victor UrquizoPhysiotherapist and Head Therapy

For me the Myosuit is like having an additional helper in my work. The stability and support it provides to patients allows me to focus on other areas like trunk stability, proprioception training, or targeting weaker muscles.

Nathalie ZwicklPhysiotherapist

Movements with the Myosuit are not predefined by the system. Instead, patients must use their own abilities which are then actively supported by the Myosuit. This leads to new movement opportunities. My patients have been incredibly motivated and are now loving to move again.

Alexandra SankaulenPhysiotherapist

The Myosuit facilitates intense training, which is critical to promote neuroplasticity. It supports patients' movements in a way that encourages their active participation during training. This unique approach to training will facilitate recovery in patients suffering from neurological deficits.

Prof. Grégoire CourtineFull Professor of Life Sciences at EPFL

The Myosuit is a very innovative approach to improve the applicability, and thus increase the intensity of movement therapy for people involved in neurorehabilitation. It uses new robotic technology--initially developed in my laboratory--to enable patients with mobility impairments to train activities of daily life. Its simplicity and ease of use allows clinicians to use it as part of standard training while patients can perform many more repetitions.

Prof. Robert RienerFull Professor for Sensory-Motor Systems at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology, ETH Zurich

Sneak peek of some training sessions

Balance training

User with multiple sclerosis and iSCI training balance with and without the Myosuit.

Strength training

User with multiple sclerosis and iSCI training strength with and without the Myosuit.

Gait training

User with iSCI performing training gait with and without the Myosuit.

Gait training

User with multiple sclerosis training gait with and without the Myosuit.

Frequently asked questions

Are there minimum physical requirements to be able to train with the Myosuit?

A user must meet the following requirements to train with the Myosuit:

  • The user needs a certain amount of residual muscle function in order to be able to perform exercises without support (the use of additional mobility aids like a walker, walking sticks etc. are allowed)
  • The user does not suffer from unstable cardiomyopathy
  • The user did not recently have an accident or fell due to trauma
  • The user is at least 1.50m and maximum 1.95m tall
  • The user weights a maximum 110 kg

Are there specific requirements to perform training with the Myosuit?

You need to be a certified Myosuit operator. To schedule a certification session, please reach out to our team via email at or call us:

For Switzerland: +41 043 215 27 15
For Germany: +49 3494 65791 80

Can I try the Myosuit before I buy it?

If you are interested in the Myosuit, we would be happy to present it to you in your practice of clinic. Together we can also carry out a training session with one of your patients. This way you can experience the Myosuit for yourself and see what is possible.

Would you like to purchase the Myosuit for your clinic or practice? Please contact our sales representatives to discuss the next steps.

How long does the battery last?

Depending on the training intensity the battery lasts up to 4 hours before it needs to be recharged again.