The approach for increased movement

What is Myofit?

Myofit is a comprehensive training approach for people with muscle weakness of various kinds – a training concept for increased movement. Regular and intensive physical activity is crucial for the general quality of life. Various guidelines and studies suggest that people with muscular deficits, in particular, benefit from training that is activity-based and intensive*.

In the case of people with muscle weakness, or following an orthopaedic surgery, the lack of muscle strength can lead to instability or a quick onset of fatigue. Myofit offers a solution – personalized training plans that, combined with the Myosuit, make intensive training possible.

Who can train?

For all those who want to do more. The training is designed to enable people with muscle weakness to exploit their potential and overcome their limits. People in the following groups have successfully trained with us:

  • Older adults
  • Stroke
  • Post- OP
  • Incomplete spinal cord injury (iSCI)
  • Muscle dystrohpy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • ICU- acquired weakness
Physitherapeutin mit Patient bei Myosuit Training

Myofit includes three areas


Goal-oriented and personalized training plans.


Intensive and activity-based training thanks to the support and stability that the Myosuit provides.


Regular performance tracking for increased motivation.

Training examples

Success stories

Milena - Incomplete spinal cord injury (iSCI)Seeing progress and feeling active is great

Training with the Myosuit has increased my motivation a lot! Seeing the progress and feeling active again is great and gives me motivation to continue.

Matthias - Multiple sclerosisA wounderful feeling

Training with the Myosuit allowed me to stand on my feet much longer. After that I had “light” legs and was able to feel muscles that I no longer knew I had. I was also able to reduce the intake of medication that I need to take for my spasticity. Over time I also noticed positive effects beyond my training sessions – friends noticed for e.g. a better gait and I could climb the stairs at home without being totally exhausted afterwards.

FranziskaMuscular Dystrophy

The training with the Myosuit was very intensive, but a lot of fun. Because of the stability, safety and strength I could practice certain exercises again and had NO TRAINING RELATED PAIN. Simply brilliant!

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