Intensive training thanks to multifunctional training device

What is the Myosuit?

The Myosuit is a multifunctional training device, which enables intensive and activity-based training. It provides people with muscle weakness, like an additional layer of muscles, support in the knees, the hip and ankles. The device provides support without restricting the users’ movement. Whilst training the muscles are actively used because the user carries out the movements himself. The Myosuit recognizes the users movements and provides support as needed – just like an E-bike.


Who is it for?

The exomuscle is suitable for people with muscle weakness. People with the following impairments have already successfully trained with it:

  • Older adults
  • Stroke
  • Post-OP
  • Incomplete spinal cord injury (iSCI)
  • Muscle dystrophy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • ICU-acquired weakness

Which requirements need to be met to be able to train with the Myosuit?

  • You need a certain amount of residual muscle function in order to be able to perform exercises without support (the use of additional mobility aids like a walker, walking sticks etc. are allowed)
  • You do not suffer from unstable cardiomyopathy
  • You have not recently had an accident or fell due to trauma
  • You are at least 1.50m and maximum 1.95m tall
  • You weigh maximum 110 kg

Which advantages does the training with the Myosuit offer?

Myosuit Vorteile_Multifunktional


Holistic and activity-based training, which enables strength, endurance and balance exercises.

Myosuit Vorteile_Leicht und mobil

Light and mobile

The Myosuit is handy and light (approx. 5 kg) and provides a high level of comfort whilst training.

Myofit Vorteile_intensiv und zielorientiert

Intensive and goal oriented

It allows training that demands high performance and still allows higher repetitions. Training goals are set and performance is tracked.

Myofit Vorteile_Unterstützung nach Bedarf

Support as required 

Individual and activity related support levels, adjustable for each leg.