What users say about the training

Our goal is to exploit the true potential of each individual and to overcome limits, regardless of their handicap. Through the regained regular intensive physical activity, a training effect can be achieved which is also noticeable in everyday life. People with stroke, incomplete paraplegia, muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis have already successfully trained with the Myosuit and reported many positive effects. See it for yourself.


Multiple Sclerosis & incomplete spinal cord injury

Training with the Myosuit has increased my motivation a lot! Seeing the progress and feeling active again is great and gives me motivation to continue. What excited me in particular was the additional muscle power that the Myosuit provides. It enabled me to traing for longer and, above all, to train more intensively in a way that activates my muscles.


Incomplete spinal cord injury

With the MyoSuit I feel less impaired and I can walk longer distances. The device allows me to train my body. I feel that I am strong again.


Multiple Sclerosis

Training with the Myosuit allows me to be on my feet for much longer. It makes training easier, and helps me walk longer with a more normal walking pattern. After training, I had lighter legs, some muscle soreness and I could feel muscles that I didn’t know I had anymore. I could also reduce the medication I take to manage my spasticity. 


Muscular Dystrophy

The training with the Myosuit was very intensive, but a lot of fun. Because of the stability, safety and strength I could practice certain exercises again and had NO TRAINING RELATED PAIN. Simply brilliant!


Bethlem Myopathy

The Myosuit provides me increased stability and security during the training sessions. I am less fatigued 

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