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Trial Session with the Myosuit


You have the chance to train with the Myosuit in Zürich, Switzerland. Trial sessions mainly take place on Thursdays and Fridays. During the session you will be guided by one of our experienced physiotherapists. The training is adapted to your personal needs and includes strength, endurance, and balance exercises.

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Requirements to participate in a training session

  • You are able to get up and sit down from a chair on your own
  • You are able to walk up to 10 meters – the use of assistive devices like crutches or a rollator is permitted
  • You should not have an unstable cardiomyopathy
  • You should not have recently suffered a trauma due to an accident or fall.
  • You are at least 1.5m and max. 1.95m tall
  • You weigh max. 110kg

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