Spark Award 2017

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Spark Award 2017

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On 28 March 2017, ETH Zurich presented the Spark Award 2017. Researchers at ETH Zurich won the award for the most promising invention which was registered for a patent in 2016.

he Winners

Winner of Spark Award 2017
Winning project: A novel antiviral defense strategy. ETH Vize-Präsident Detlef Günther with the winners Dr Michael Meyer, Professor Sabine Werner and Dr Luigi Maddaluno / Photos: ETH Zurich, Oliver Bartenschlager


Innovative treatment method to combat viruses: To date, many drugs have only been effective against individual groups of viruses, and often the efficiency is limited. Sabine Werner, Luigi Maddaluno and Michael Meyer have identified a biological mechanism that makes it possible to treat many different virus infections. Rather than attacking the virus directly, the mechanism mobilises the body’s immune system. This new approach presumably has fewer side effects and could also be used in the treatment of epidemics.

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